New web site serving needs of UK’s small and mid-sized businesses launches

From: Wanobe Limited
Published: Thu Dec 02 2010

The website has been launched as the place where UK small and mid-sized businesses can find definitive answers on issues key to the way they do business – from starting a firm to finding a friendly bank to building a really useful network.

" is a new way of finding and analysing information for people starting a business or for existing companies to find answers to questions or problems without having to pay a small fortune to an external consultant," says founder Dave Noble.

"Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a trustworthy supplier rather than just taking a stab at a few names in the Yellow Pages, for example," says Noble. differentiates itself from other Q&A sites in its pinpoint focus on serving the needs of emerging business, often smaller companies who do not have the personal or financial resources to speedily find answers to key issues.

Noble notes how every business needs some expert advice and help sooner or later, but doesn’t always know where to look for the answer. And for start-ups, lack of money and time is also the kind of serious issue Wanobe has been founded to answer.

"Got a question that needs answering or a problem that needs solving? We’ve created to enable smaller businesses to harness the power of the web to reach out for advice and find an expert or someone who has just tackled a similar problem.

" exists to help Britain’s SME’s and entrepreneurs find the answers to the questions they need answered as fast as possible. We want to help small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs reach out and help one another do better business." enables users to tap without cost into the collective wisdom of businesspeople and find human answers to questions that search engines cannot handle well. The site aims to help users find answers to their questions on key issues relating to your company, product and expertise, without the drudgery of search engine research.

Connect with other businesspeople like yourself and experts in specific business areas at key decision points who can help you make a confident, informed choice by giving you a simple human answer to a question or pointing you in a right direction.

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Wanobe Limited has raised substantial funding from angel investors, founder and senior principle, David Noble, and key management, to launch in the UK. David, a former journalist, broadcaster and writer, has enjoyed a successful entrepreneurial career starting and running a number of public relations, advertising, publishing and other enterprises since the early 1980s.
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