L.A. Company Launches Groundbreaking Legal Protection Plan for Immigrants

Published: Thu Feb 21 2019

United Immigrants, Inc. (UI), announces the launch of The Legal Protection Plan for Immigrants, an innovative, affordable platform of services and resources specifically designed to help individuals quickly and successfully pursue legal status by providing guidance and on-going support as they embark upon their important quest for U.S. citizenship.

"UI is fully committed to helping those facing the possibility of deportation or separation from family and friends feel safe with their families in this unstable political environment. Our central aim is to provide them with peace of mind, as well as reduced costs and stress, as they work toward this goal." said Flavio Amaral, President of United Immigrants.

UIís Membership in the form of a pre-paid program gives clients streamlined, easy access to affordable, pre-paid legal services provided by UIís nationwide network of highly-skilled attorneys. Membership also includes access to UIís cutting-edge technology, including the MyUI Mobile App, an alert and notification system that enables members to report real time Raids to all users in the surrounding area, or to send an emergency alert video notification with the exact GPS location to friends and family listed on their profiles, alerting them of a possible detention by ICE authorities.
"United Immigrantsí cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking products were designed to improve, reduce costs, and expedite immigration processes for clients and law firms. Our team of member-centric experts will provide a white glove experience while protecting and giving peace of mind to anyone having to navigate the intricate immigration legal system in the United States."
UIís immigration app is also designed to allow persons that were detained to immediately alert the UI team, which will trigger real time immigration legal support. UI headquarters will promptly assign and deploy an attorney to represent the detained individual. In addition, UIís team will initiate direct communication with any authorized family or emergency contact of the detainee, to keep them updated on status and location of their loved one.

For a small monthly fee of $39.95 for an individual membership or $79.95 for a family membership of three, this pre-paid legal plan will cover the entire cost of immigration legal representation if a member is detained by ICE authorities.

Our nationwide network of attorneys will represent all paying members in "The Legal Protection Plan for Immigrants" that are at risk or face detention or deportation under the qualifying criteria. For more information, please visit www.unitedImmigrants.com or call us at (833) 923-2323.


As the nationís leading Immigration Service Provider, UI is fully committed to protecting the rights of immigrants; delivering compassionate, member-focused legal products, and superior legal customer service via innovative technology platforms; and providing cost-effective legal technology services to the immigrant community.

What does UI provide that others in your industry do not?
Customizable, prepaid Legal Protection Plans for Immigrants that cover the cost for legal representation and immigration services.
A unique, community based mobile app "MyUI" that allows any paid or unpaid user to report raids to the community and send emergency alerts.
An innovative, educational platform that provides resources and support to our users.
A forward-thinking, technology-driven, customer-centric approach that simplifies the immigration process.
High-quality, cost effective immigration services that combines technology and human services to the end consumer; individuals and businesses.
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Contact Email: unitedimmigrantspress@gmail.com

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